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If there was a magic purple pill that could cure a wide range of economic and social problems, it would be the individuals, organizations and municipalities who enable micro-enterprises to sprout and flourish.

A micro-enterprise is a small business with typically five or fewer employeess. A vast majority of small, medium and large businesses began as micro-enterprises.

In a healthy economic recovery, micro-enterprises account for the highest percentage rate of new job creation and economic growth in comparison with large corporate and government employers.

Small business is widely considered the backbone of the US economy. Micro Enterprises are the seeds to growing small businesses. As any farmer knows, the more seeds that get planted, the more crops will grow, and the better everyone will eat.

Micro-enterprises provide for a higher level of productivity and wider dispursment of individual wealth.

Micro-Enterprise Enablers
Cure Ailing Economies

Unemployment, skyrocketing prices, low wages, excessive corporate profits, and high taxation are all symptoms of a basic lack of diversity and competition.

Communities that embrace micro-enterprises flourish with increased commerce and healthy competition that promotes fair prices and decent income for everyone.

People who run their own small businesses have a better understanding of how sustainable societies work. They tend to make rational long-term decisions that keep their local communities thriving. The more people engaged in micro-economic management (such as running their own self-sustaining business), the healthier and more resilient a community becomes.

The cure for most of society's problems lies in the ability for communities to educate and foster sustainability through enabling micro enterprises.

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